Why Sojourneyman?

Why is the title of my blog Sojourneyman? After all, the word doesn’t actually exist (I think).

The common denominator of my life is continual movement and change. I jokingly said to someone once that I get antsy if I live in one place for more than five years. My Dad was an itinerant minister for many years so we moved several times as I grew up. I was born in California, raised in Oklahoma, hit my teens in New Jersey, went to Bible college in Africa, lived in Florida, and now I’m in seminary in Pennsylvania.

I find it amusing, and slightly disconcerting, that my spiritual life has mirrored my wanderings. I was brought up in the Word of Faith movement, educated in a mixture of Pentecostal and Evangelical theology, and attend seminary in a school that focuses on Christianity and postmodern culture. I’ve flirted with Pentecostal theology and Reformed theology and am looking for a place to finally lay my head, a spot to build my house, a nice spot to camp. Quite frankly I’m tired of wandering through the desert and pray that God will grant me the stability I have been seeking.

This blog will contain my musings, such as they are, as I walk this road and interact with Christianity, and its various incarnations, as I search for a place to fit. Read my stuff and if you like it share your story and your journey too.

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